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How can I add my own languages to CodeRunner?

CodeRunner's run system is based on simple terminal commands, and therefore if you know the terminal commands involved in running/compiling code in your language, you can easily add it to CodeRunner. To add languages, go to Preferences -> Languages, and click the "+" button. In the "Run Command" text box, enter the command you use to run the language from the terminal. E.g. if the interpreter is called mylang, you would enter mylang $filename here.

If your language uses several commands to run, you can use a CodeRunner compile script. Check the box "Language uses compile script" and click the "Edit Script..." button. This will open the compile script in the CodeRunner editor. The script will contain a further explanation of how to use it.

How can I get console.log() to work with JavaScript?

The console for the JavaScript language is actually a web page. This enables you to use browser-specific stuff like alert() or interacting with the DOM. However, this means that it will not display anything from the debug console, i.e. console.log(). If you want to see debug messages, you can use the language Node.js, which is a server-side JavaScript implementation.