Release Notes: CodeRunner 2.1.1

Published on Nov 10, 2015  |  CodeRunner

CodeRunner 2.1.1 is a significant update over version 2.0.3 with many new features and improvements, including:

  • New Languages: Go, Markdown, and Rust are now included by default.
  • Multiple Selections: Edit matching ranges of text simultaneously by using ⌘E and ⇧⌘E to add/skip multiple selections. Useful for renaming variables or editing other recurring strings of characters.
  • Move Line(s) Up/Down: Move the currently edited line(s) up or down by using ⌥⌘↑ and ⌥⌘↓, respectively.
  • Persistent Run Settings: File-specific run settings such as arguments, compiler flags, and input now persist after the file is closed and reopened, and across app launches.
  • HTML/CSS Code Completion: Code completion for HTML tags, attributes, snippets, entities, CSS properties and CSS values.
  • Console Colors: The console now supports certain ANSI escape sequences that modify text colors and attributes.
  • Default Editor: Easily set CodeRunner as your system's default text editor from within CodeRunner's preferences window.
  • Go to Line: Quickly jump to a line number using ⌘L.
  • Clear Console: Clear console output using ⌘K.
  • Copy with Colors: Copy the selected text including colors using ⌥⌘C.
  • Paste and Preserve Formatting: Paste text from the clipboard without modifying its indentation using ⌥⇧⌘V.
  • Go to Current Document: Quickly jump to the current document in the file navigator using ⌥⇧⌘G.
  • Improved VoiceOver support.
  • Fixed an issue with C# and Mono on El Capitan.
  • Fixed an issue with LaTeX on El Capitan.
  • Fixed an issue with tab characters in the console.
  • Fixed an issue with character encodings in the console.
  • Fixed an issue with indentation of pasted text in Python.
  • Fixed an issue with double file extension after document renaming.